Deposits and final payment will be taken by Cash, US Postal Money Order, VISA, MASTERCARD or PayPal. 


Deposits are required to hold a puppy until old enough to be picked up. 


 No puppy is considered sold until a deposit has been received.



Deposit is $400.00 non-refundable

All sales are subject to the Virginia State Sale Tax of 5.5%!!!


          The sale of certain dogs and cats described as being registered with or capable of being registered with any animal pedigree organization is subject to the provisions of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act (59.1-195 et seq.).  In the event that a licensed veterinarian certifies your animal to be unfit for purchase within 10 days following receipt of your animal, you may choose (1) to return your animal and receive a refund of the purchase price, or (2) to return the animal and receive an exchange animal of your choice of equivalent value. 

            In order for you to exercise these rights you must present a written veterinary certificate that the animal is “unfit for purchase” to the seller within 3 business days after receiving such certification.  If the seller has promised to register your animal or to provide the papers necessary therefore and fails to do so within 120 days following the date of your contract, you are entitled to return the animal and receive a refund of the purchase price or to retain the animal and receive a refund of a amount not to exceed 50% of the purchase price. 

            The seller urges the purchaser to have their puppy checked by a veterinarian within 72 hours of saleThe Seller shall not pay for any veterinarian bills incurred after time of sale If the puppy becomes ill within this time frame, it must be returned to the Seller immediately "BEFORE" proceeding with treatment or purchasing medication

            The puppy is guaranteed for one year from date of purchase against congenital or hereditary defects that lead to euthanasia. A veterinarian’s written statement to this effect is required prior to euthanasia, and the pet must be seen by our veterinarian prior to euthanasia. A replacement puppy shall be provided at the time of availability.  No Money shall be refunded.  

            The puppy is sold as a PET only, not show quality.  No guaranty as to adult size, color, hair texture, conformation, dropping of testicles or the suitability for breeding

            There is no guarantee against “hypoglycemia” nor against fleas, worms or ear mites due to their recurring nature.  This guarantee is extended to the original purchaser onlyThe Seller is not responsible for problems such as landlords, allergies, incompatibilities with other pets or family members, etcThis sale is final. Deposits are non-refundable

            Only applicable to AKC registrable puppiesThis puppy is AKC registrable to the best of my knowledge, however, AKC reserves the right to correct or cancel this puppy’s registration at any time. The Seller is not responsible if AKC pulls this puppy’s privileges for any reason

            If collection of funds for none payment becomes necessary, purchaser is responsible for any collection costs, court and /or attorney’s fees


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FAX: (540) 371-7877